In Art Dreams Come True

series of performances and video installations, 2003—2008


“In Art Dreams Come True” consists of a series of performances, quasi-theatrical productions, audience-engaging happenings and films. In the individual works, Kozyra acts as the director, lead character, and as ‘raw material’ apprentice in the hands of her two master guides who assist her in assuming various roles. Gloria Viagra, the Berlin-based drag queen whom the artist sees as a model of “true femininity” and the voice coach Grzegorz Pitulej, known as Maestro introduce Kozyra into their respective worlds, both saturated with artificiality, convention and posing. These features become central to each of Kozyra’s artistic embodiments, which include an opera diva, a drag queen, a cheerleader, Olympia from Offenbach opera, Snow White, Madonna, a castrato, a striptease artist, and, finally, in “summertale,” a seemingly innocent girl.


“To start with, I wanted to sing songs like Over the Rainbow or Abba’s hits… that kind of thing… or, quite simply, something like Gloria. A bit of rock. But then I realised that the work had to have two protagonists, Gloria and Maestro, each of whom leads me into their world. I was equally as fascinated and overawed by Gloria and by Maestro… when I was a little girl.”
Katarzyna Kozyra’s autobiographical notes [in:] Katarzyna Kozyra. In Art Dreams Come True, Hatje Cantz, BWA, Wrocław 2007, p.59–62.