Video, 2012-2018


Each one of her works is a memory and a reconstruction of a previous work’s segment; each previous work is an “ace up her sleeve”, ready to appear in the next piece. It is a system of interconnected modular relations, a selection based on an anti format and deformation. Like a seasoned poker player, she always plays a card that does not fit the layout […].
Andrzej Wajs, ”Beyond the format”, in: Katarzyna Kozyra. Looking for Jesus, exhibition catalogue, Labirynt Gallery, Lublin 2014.

„Looking for Jesus” is the latest project by Katarzyna Kozyra, whose starting point was information about the so-called Jerusalem Syndrome, an acute delusional disorder which had been reported by medical professionals only in the 2nd half of the 20th century. After visiting the Holy Land, people afflicted with the syndrome start to identify with Biblical characters – usually with the Messiah.

To date, the artist has visited Jerusalem several times in order to find those who in the early 21st century believe themselves to be Jesus. The first journey took place in 2012. The result is over 100 hours of video footage from interviews and pictures of the city which serves as a backdrop for religious rituals and a scene for people of various faiths, denominations and colours, subsequent Messiahs who try to convince the artist they are miraculous and genuine, surrounding themselves with colourful crowds of pilgrims and locals. Kozyra encounters incredible personalities. Each of her characters hides a fascinating story, and all of them combined constitute a project presenting ways and means of carrying out one’s faith, its place and role in today’s world, and values on which we build our reality.

Additional information

Camera – Jakub Burakiewicz, Katarzyna Kozyra, Pinkas Matan, Yair Moss, Piotr Niemyjski, Katarzyna Szumska,  Piotr Wacowski, Yaniv Yur
Director assistant – Katarzyna Szumska
Sound – Krzysztof Baradziej, Katarzyna Kozyra, Nitzan Levi
Production Manager – Diana Shoef (unit 1)

Assistants – Natalie Fortuna Bouwer, Patryk Kowalczuk, Pinkas Matan, Yair Moss, Chen Serfati, Shlomit Yaacov, Yaniv Yur
Editors – Tamahin Mehanni, Bartosz Pietras, Mirek Szewczyk
Production – Anna Walewska

The working version of the project was featured in numerous exhibitions in Poland and abroad.

Currently Kozyra is working on a documentary film with the same title, produced with the support of the Polish Film Institute.