In Art Dreams Come True

series, 2003-2008

From 2003 to 2008, Katarzyna Kozyra created In Art Dreams Come True, a multimedia project consisting of a series of performances, quasi-theatrical productions, audience-engaging happenings, and films that link different forms of the visual, musical, and performative arts. In the individual works, Kozyra has consistently acted as the director, chief performer, and a “raw material” in the hands of her master guides: Gloria Viagra and Maestro, who assisted her in playing various roles. Yet both Berlin-based drag queen Gloria (who the artist sees as a model of ‘true femininity’) and the Maestro (operatic vocal coach Grzegorz Pitulej) introduce Kozyra into worlds saturated with artificiality, convention, and posing. These same features come through in each of Kozyra’s artistic embodiments.

Non so più, Nightmare, A Quarter of an Hour, Appearance as Gloria Viagra’s Clone at the Openning of the Exhibition “About Beauty”, Diva. Reincarnation, Fassadenconcerto, Madonna, Tribiute to Glora Viagra. Birthday Party, Winter’s Tale, In Art Dreams Come True, Cheerleader, Il Castrato, Summertale.