Women are waiting

color photographs, 1994-1998

The artists interest in the body and how it changes due to the passage of time, desease and her own fight with leukemia led Kozyra into 
her work Women Are Waiting. This project took five years to complete and captures the intimacy between older women who were posing 
naked in front of a young girl holding a camera.

It is a symptomatic transitional piece – its phenomenon lies in that it showcases perfectly the aftermath of “Olympia” (1996) and foreshadows 
“The Rite of Spring” (1999-2002), two works wildly different from one another.The models are older women, deformed, like in “Olympia”. 
Eventually this search was also reflected in one of the most well-known work, by Katarzyna Kozyra, The Women’s Bathhouse.